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Wedding Venues in Atlanta For Your High-End Wedding – Feature – The Wimbish House

A wedding is perhaps the most special day of our lives. It’s the day on which we are tied with our soul mate, our loved one. People wait years and years for that one moment where they take their bond to the next level. And people are willing to do everything to make this moment priceless. That’s why finding the best wedding venue in Atlanta to hold your wedding is crucial. The Wimbish House can provide you with a luxurious venue that will make your big day unforgettable!

The first step in making your wedding indelible is renting the most luxurious venues. But make no mistake, that’s not the only step. To find out more about it, read on!

Best Venues To Make Your Wedding Memorable

Living in Atlanta, people have lots and lots of options to choose from. Although many of them are top-notch, one of them is leagues ahead of the rest. Yes, we are talking about The Wimbish House. Every couple dreams of having their wedding in this premium location.

But that’s not all. Apart from Wimbish House, there are several other high-end venues as well. Here are three of them.

  • The Estate
  • The PeachTree Club
  • The Swan House Gardens

But as we mentioned earlier, all these come after the wonder that we call Wimbish House. Before seeing what makes it the best, we need to get one thing straight. Wedding photographers are the real geniuses that make your wedding exceptional.

You can rent the most prestigious venue, but if you don’t have a professional photographer for luxurious weddings, it is all a waste. We will have a detailed analysis of a photographer’s importance, but before that, let us see what makes The Wimbish House a fan favorite.

The Wimbish House


From the luxury interior featuring historic architectural details and state of the art decor items to the spacious feel due to the broad walls and high ceilings, Wimbish House is truly the best we can get for a wedding. It has hardwood floors throughout the venue that give it a premium feel.

The award-winning Wimbish House has been the center of attention since its establishment in 1906. It is designed in the diverse French Renaissance Revival style. The steep roofs, elaborate detailing, and bulky stone masonry ornamentation make it stand out from the crowd.

Before booking the venue for your wedding, the management welcomes you will all their heat to visit the platform and have a good look. Once you are comfortable, you can go for the reservation.

Imagine standing inside The Wimbish House, looking into your beloved’s eyes, knowing that the day you’ve dreamt of your whole life is happening in this very second. The fact that it is a once in a lifetime event makes it even more crucial to make it extraordinarily momentous.

Nonetheless, remember we told you that renting a prestigious location is not enough?

Why Hiring A Professional Photographer is as Essential as Renting a Luxurious Venue

After ten-odd years, when you are going through the wedding album with your children, the photographs will depict how grand the wedding day actually was. Therefore, we cannot stress enough how big a role an expert pro wedding photographer plays in making your wedding eternal.

We specialize in luxurious wedding photography across several locations. However, our team and The Wimbish House is a match made in heaven. We are established as the best photographers to cover Wimbish House.


Final Word

A wedding day deserves to be eternal and unforgettable. Renting the best venues is the first thing you need to do. Living in Atlanta, you need not look further than The Wimbish House. Secondly, hire experienced photographers that specialize in luxury wedding photography. Similarly, you need not look further to get high-quality classy photos taken correctly, featuring the lavish Wimbish House background. Contact us now, and we will cater to all your needs.


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