Enchanting Wedding Venue: Oakleaf Cottage

Enchanting wedding venue: Oakleaf Cottage

Oakleaf Cottage wedding venue is the place for people who want to plan their special day in a fairytale style. The fairytale weddings are full of on-trend and becoming an inspiration. Many things make a wedding perfect and memorable. For instance, it involves everything from cakes, dresses, venue, and photographer. All of these things are vital to make the day memorable. 

I’m sure that you have already heard about the some amazing Chattanooga wedding photographers, Forever Love Photography is the best at capturing stunning portraits and documentary style photos of your special day. However, it’s vital to do proper research to find all of these elements. If you ignore this, then you can ruin your special day. A wedding venue is one of the most important thing to consider while planning. So, let’s discuss it: 

Oakleaf Cottage wedding venue:

If you have always dreamed of a perfect fairytale wedding, then an Oakleaf cottage wedding should be prioritized. Your wedding is one of the essential days of life, and you will remember this forever. So, you should select a wedding venue that you deserve to make the day memorable. 

Basic info about Oakleaf Cottage wedding venue:

Oakleaf Cottage  is the best place if you want to start your life together in-between nature. The beautiful scenes and flowers are enough to bring colors to your new life. Moreover, it is a fantastic place to conduct an intimate wedding with your loved ones. It is a 28-acre property that is ideal for weddings, signature photo shoots, and other functions. Apart from this, a mountain covered with trees and rocks helps create a romantic ambiance. If you want to add magic to your special day, there is nothing better than this dreamy place. Here is other essential information that will help you learn more about this fabulous place. 


Destination wedding spot Oakleaf cottage wedding venue
Consist of 28-acres in between the mountains
Seating space 125 handmade farm tables
Cottage details Farmhouse style four fully remodeled rooms
Ambiance Place covered with trees, mountains, and waterfalls


However, this place is best to combine modern and rustic settings with all the charm and beauty. The scenery of this place is enough to re-write your love story differently and uniquely. 

Make the day memorable with Oakleaf Cottage:

We mentioned earlier that many things come together to make the day memorable and dreamy. So, photography is one of those things that you can’t miss. Thus, if you want to add imagination and novelty to your special day, then don’t go with just anyone to preserve your wedding. Forever Love Photography was voted Best in Georgia 202 and is a Chattanooga wedding photographer that doesn’t need an introduction. 

Chattanooga is only 23km away from the Oakleaf cottage. When it comes to planning to plan things, then you should start with the essential one. The right professional and experienced photographer are one who can add colors to your special day. It will help if you don’t compromise on this because photos will remain with you for your whole life. 

Capture every moment with Chattanooga wedding photographer:

There are the following points due to which you should go for this Chattanooga wedding photographer. 

  • He will be your creative partner to add colors to your special day. 
  • You can visit the website to see the portfolio. 
  • Forever love, a photographer that captures all the dreamy details. 
  • The skill level of this studio is unmatchable. 
  • Great editing makes the whole experience worth spending. 

Moreover, the team consists of professional people who ensure photo quality and security of the data. It won’t be wrong to say that Oakleaf Cottage wedding and this Chattanooga wedding photographer provide the best combination. So, you can make the day special by infusing these little details. Photographs will stay with you for a lifetime, so make sure you’re going to happy with them. 

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