The Ford Plantation | Wedding Venue | Savannah GA

 The Ford Plantation | Wedding Venue | Savannah GA

The Ford Plantation Wedding Venue


We believe the day you find your soul mate is the day you find your other half. Such a heavenly phenomenon requires something vintage, natural, and elegant at the same time. The Ford Plantation, with the sole purpose of making the precious moments of your life, full of charm and memories, offers you a dream destination wedding. The vintage oak trees as the witness of the countless phenomena of pure love make your day more divine. The divine oak trees are spread across 1800 acres of Low country Georgia.

What makes The Ford Plantation best is its historic location outside the ancient Savanah Georgia, on the magical banks of the Ogeechee River. The Ford Plantation is one of the best residential communities in the whole nation. And provide you a world-class experience of life. If you are looking forward to making your divine day more elegant, and wholesome. The Ford Plantation knows exactly what you need. Our extremely beautiful wedding venues and enchanting facilities make your day as special as your affectionate bonding.

Let’s talk about what makes The Ford Plantation unique and special addition to your special day.


Divine Ambiance for a Divine Day at The Ford Plantation 

The Ford Plantation Wedding Venue

Every little girl dreams of a magical day, where she finds the love of her life for a happily ever after. We won’t let you believe in anything less. The ancient world charisma blended with the natural beauty of Savannah Moss Tress is just like the land of magic you have always dreamed of. 

The enchanting view with a majestic land of The Ford Plantation gives you an elegant arrangement of up to 300 people. Who would not want to capture every single moment of their precious day? That is why Savannah Wedding Photographer is exactly what you need.

Being surrounded by both nature and history is as divine as the bond between the two people madly in love. Our ideal locations and residential services are best for your family celebrations and rehearsal dinners. 

So, if you are looking forward to making the most of your perfect special day, contact us and let us provide you with a world-class wedding experience.


Special Meal for a Special Day

The Ford Plantation Wedding Venue

The Ford Plantation takes pride in the services provided by its culinary team. We know how important a special meal is on an equally special day. Our services and divine quality of meal will add all the flavor that you need for your day.

Our fresh, unique, and special meals for each and every wedding are completely designed by the professional chefs and the choice of the hosts.  

We believe that without a special meal your day is not special. That is why our services are one of the best things we take pride in.

We also provide casual dining offers at the majestic land of Low country Georgia, such as the traditional Low country Oyster Roasts and Farewell Brunches. The best option for your rehearsal dinner and entertaining your hosts from the town.

So, if you are looking forward to adding flavor and wholesomeness to your special divine day, contact The Ford Plantation.

Final Word

A special day requires a special place and all the special arrangements. The Ford Plantations with its majestic lands and world-class facilities helps you make your divine day more special and wholesome. 

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